Payroll Processing

Many PF&N clients trust us to handle their tax and accounting services. From there, a large number of clients take the next logical step and entrust their payroll services to us. Quite simply: We are here to help make your job easier. Comprehensive services customizable to your needs include payroll reports, check printing, direct deposit of paychecks, electronic tax payments and filings, complete compliance, and more. PF&N delivers all the payroll services necessary to run your business more efficiently.

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PF&N Offers Services Tailored to Your Specifications

At PF&N, the emphasis is on versatility. Get comprehensive payroll services superior to what you would expect from a service bureau. That’s because three key differences help us stand apart:

  • Superior service
  • Total flexibility
  • Unparalleled value
Unlike payroll service bureaus with their “one size fits all” approach, our services are individualized to your unique needs. We collaborate with you to understand your business and design a payroll service optimal for your company’s needs. Trust PF&N to manage:
  • Accurate, on-time payroll
  • All types: salary, hourly, bonuses, cash tips, paycheck tips, multiple pay rates, expense reimbursements, allowances, and more
  • Our payroll processing system accommodates any personnel and payroll data you specify and enables automated paycheck and paystub printing.
  • Tax payments
  • We pay your taxes electronically, file your payroll tax forms, and process W-2s, W-3s, W-4s, and I-9s
  • Guaranteed accurate federal, state and local tax calculations and filings
  • Tracking of employee holidays, vacations, sick days, and wage garnishments
  • Setup of direct deposit capabilities for your company and employees
  • Management of deductions, including premiums for health and retirement plans, flexible spending accounts, cash advances, and loan repayments
  • Setup and management of systems providing secure, online access for your employees to their payment records
  • Payments to independent contractors

For all these needs and more, see why it pays to trust Polovinchik, Frid and Novak, LLC to manage your payroll services.

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