International Tax Compliance

PF&N knows international tax laws and accounting standards.

PF&N has the bookkeeping expertise and experience—plus the command of all major bookkeeping software programs including QuickBooks, Peachtree, Made2Manage, and Great Plains—to deliver any and all services your company may need:

Our international practice delivers complete accounting services to international clients. Our tax planning services help you design the optimal tax structures for your company—country by country, globally. We help ensure you gain the most favorable taxation on import and export transactions. We also help you plan and implement repatriation strategies driven by foreign tax credits.
International tax preparation services
Turn to PF&N for international services including:
  • International tax compliance
  • International tax treaty filing
  • International tax withholding tax filing
  • Value-added tax (VAT) compliance
  • Tax credit analysis
  • Overseas holding company planning and setup
  • Credit maximization in overseas, U.S., state, and local markets
  • Customs and duties planning and compliance
  • International E&P analysis
  • Allocation and apportionment analysis
  • Extraterritorial income exclusion analysis
  • Domestic international sales corporation (DISC) analysis

Your success is our success. In any market. From your backyard to around the world. To meet your domestic and international accounting needs, PF&N stays abreast of U.S. and international, country-by-country tax laws and accounting standards.

Everywhere on Earth, we work aggressively (but, of course, legally and ethically) to your company always earns the maximum: maximum tax credit, maximum profitability.

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