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Management Advisory Services

PFN Management Advisory Services

Our management advisory team can help your management team develop long-term objectives; plan effective strategies to meet those objectives; and implement tactical programs supporting your strategies. Our overall goals are sustained growth and success for your company. Our management advisory services help you define and achieve your specific goals. For every individual and company we serve, we recommend an annual operational audit. This provides us with the opportunity to look back together with you at the year past and look ahead to the year to come. An annual audit helps you learn from past successes and challenges, and formulate a plan to anticipate and address potential issues moving forward.


Our clients turn to M&A Management Advisory Services for insights into:


    • Risk management

M&A helps you anticipate risks and plan how to minimize your company’s exposure and liability

    • Litigation prevention and management

M&A helps you plan and implement systems and procedures to reduce your liability as well as to support your case in the event of litigation

    • Succession planning

Our management advisory services help your managers plan their exit strategies and successors in order to minimize any potential negative impact on your organization’s operations, profitability, and brand equity.

    • Mergers and acquisitions

Whether you are joining a corporate partner or acquiring a company, M&A can help make the complete transition seamless: due diligence investigations, transaction negotiations, as well as integration of systems, policies and procedures, personnel, and infrastructure.

    • Liquidations

M&A helps enhance the efficiency of planning and implementing liquidations and divestitures.

    • Deferred compensation plans

M&A can help you structure the most favorable compensation plan the law will allow.

    • Fraud and forensic investigations

M&A is thorough, fast, accurate…and always discreet.


Your management can rely on M&A Management Advisory Services for expert counsel on virtually any accounting issue.