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We founded Polovinchik, Frid and Novak, LLP to provide corporations and individuals with superior tax and accounting solutions. Our primary services include accounting, taxation, and business consulting. We also offer specialized financial services customized to the unique needs of each of our valued clients.


Based in Los Angeles since our firm’s inception in 1998, Polovinchik, Frid and Novak, LLP now serves numerous public and privately held companies, partnerships, and non-profit organizations throughout the US and around the world. No matter where you are located, however, Polovinchik, Frid and Novak, LLP always dedicates the finest resources necessary to your tax, accounting, and consulting needs. Rely on Polovinchik, Frid and Novak, LLP for expert, affordable service from experienced, professional accountants committed to your success.

Polovinchik, Frid and Novak, LLP is a recognized leader in accounting practices and tax laws thanks to years of successful service for many types of clients from diverse industries. Committed to diversity in all aspects of our organization, Polovinchik, Frid and Novak, LLP is an equal opportunity employer.


18 Years of Excellence

M&A was founded in early 1998 with a desire to accomplish and satisfy its customers with excellence. 


End to End Solution

M&A guarantees a hassle free experience to meet any problem with an effective solution.


Safety and Good Compliance

At M&A, Safety is our main priority when dealing with any financial problem.


Honest and Dependable

We understand the importance of being honest about your particular case, your options and any potential risks. We know the impact an error can cause on our part and we strive to eliminate faults ensuring your trust on us.


Profitable Growth

Thankfully, M&A employs experts that can securely and steadily profit your assets while minimizing potential risks. Years of experiences enables our clients to see long-term growth.



Improving Always

Frequently noticing problems and addressing them effectively is how M&A is always improving.

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